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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning initiative focuses on the use of Information Technology (IT) within an integrated enterprise architecture and infrastructure to enable an organization meet its goals and objectives.

Organization Vision

We begin by assessing and understanding the organization's vision in order to properly align Strategies, Objectives, and the Critical Success Factors to realize the vision.

Analyze Business Principles

These are examined to have a better understanding of the values associated with priorities such as safety, people, fiscal control, quality, service and partnerships.

Business Operations Analysis

We examine business objective in order to understand how an organization's service delivery objectives aligns with its functional areas and business architecture. We evaluate the relationship between the Functional Business Model and major business functions to ensure that they are efficient.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOTs) affect all organizations. Strengths can be characterized as areas or attributes that provide a competitive advantage. These strengths need to be perpetuated and leveraged into the future. Conversely, Weaknesses are shortcomings that prevent organization from reaching its potential. In some cases they reflect the way things were before organization developed a growth strategy; in others they reflect the way things are with respect to the size of organization today. Opportunities are areas that organization can take advantage of to leverage its success to meet the both internal and external situations to meet business plan. Threats are both internal and external situations that may affect the achievement of organization's objectives. We examined these, both from an overall corporation view, and also from an Information Technology Services (ITS) organization view. A SWOT analysis is a good barometer of how well a company operates within its business vision.