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Safety and Security
While governments cannot always control the human element in our societies, they can work to make the system effective and efficient. Technology can play a key role in improving public safety and security for citizens for the following reasons:
  • Rising crime rates and recidivism
  • Need to respond rapidly to emergencies
  • Terrorism and its prevention
  • Swift capture, prosecution and incarceration of criminals
  • Ensuring fair, open and consistent administration of justice
  • Protection of citizens' rights

  • Our solution Governments need public safety and security solutions that focus on the improvement of mission performance. Today’s information technology-based solutions provide that by supplying better information for better decision making. Public safety and justice officials get quicker access to information for faster and better decisions. IT provides greater transparency for agencies and citizens throughout the entire safety lifecycle, as well as improved administrative efficiencies. Leading public safety and security agencies are focusing on how information can completely restructure their approaches, thereby improving mission performance.

    Whether it is sharing information and results across levels of government as appropriate, meeting mission responsibilities or reducing costs, we can help meet the greatest challenges facing security agencies today.

    Comprehensive Solutions
    Integrated government/infrastructure development and operations
    Business process outsourcing of mission functions, such as violation payments
    Business process outsourcing of administrative functions, including finance and budgeting and human resources
    Strategic/Policy Monitoring Solutions
    Mission support platform – visual operations
    Strategic dashboard
    Crime reporting
    Integrated justice
    Operational Solutions
    Computer-aided dispatch
    Incident reporting
    Case, records and document management
    Intelligence systems
    Electronic and virtual courtroom
    Online policies
    Offender management
    Mobile technology
    Citizen-Centric Solutions
    Kiosk and Internet
    Call centers

    XEQ understands that sustained safety and security measures are driven by managed policy initiative and citizen participation. Our integrated security framework advances a reactive security mode with a more proactive security initiative using a step-by-step transformation approach.
    Our transformation approach is a combined component of re-learn, re-factor, re-host, re-interface, re-architect, replace or retire of processes, methods, techniques, resources, tools and equipment.
    The Integrated Security evaluation process produces:
  • A portfolio road-map to transform the reactive state of security to a modern proactive security vision, which includes a program/project schedule, prioritization, duration, and effort estimates
  • An assessment of the existing security system and its dependencies identifying weaknesses and strengths
  • An As-Is documentation and a current state baseline
  • Documented security functionality, ICT integration, and future architecture.