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All companies struggle with uncertain events or a condition that, if it occurs, could have a positive or a negative effect on their enterprise’s strategic objectives.

At XEQ we approach risk management based on three elements: a definable event, a probability of occurrence that is less than 100% and, an impact or consequence of occurrence. It involves a management process that allows for maximizing the results of positive events (opportunities) and minimizing the consequences of adverse events (threats). When project risks are identified, managed, and quickly solved, the overall probability of project success is improved.

Our Project risk management life cycle activities consist of the following:

Risk Management Planning: This allows us to explain how we will manage your project risk. The plan includes risk management methodology, budget, risk categories, timing, and qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, and risk response development.

Risk identification: We use sources such as scope, schedule, cost, quality, resources, communication, procurement, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and lessons learned to identify risk events that might have a positive or negative impact on the project. We create risk register for the risks and map potential root causes, prioritize and provide responses.

Risk Analyzing: We measure risk impact from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives. In qualitative risk analysis we consider the relative probability or likelihood of occurrence. The quantitative approach uses numerical ratings to evaluate the effect of identified risk on projects.

Risk Response Planning: We use both the risk management plan and the risk register to establish a process for developing options and actions to enhance opportunities and to reduce threats to project objectives.

Risk Monitoring and Control: Here we track identified risk, monitor residual risks, identify new risks, and evaluate the effectiveness of the risk processes. Monitoring and controlling is in response to a risk event that has been triggered, a risk has developed that was not previously identified, a risk response that has been implemented as planned or risk response actions that were effective.

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