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We consult on a broad range of IT and Project Management activities.
XEQ Technology provides consultation on Technology Services and Products improvements. We review Business Processes and IT Services and establish action plans for modernization. Our modernization framework is the cornerstone of business revitalization strategy to:
• Re-learn: A discovery process that captures the intellectual property investment that has been made in legacy applications over many years and enables that investment to be preserved and carried forward through modernization.
• Re-factor: Code optimization to improve run time efficiency of an application.
• Re-host: Migration of legacy applications to lower-cost modern platforms without significantly changing the business features and functions.
• Re-interface: Establishes the Web-based service-oriented interfaces to existing or rehosted applications.
• Re-architect: Forward engineering applications to Java J2EE or Windows .NET Agile Application Architecture to enable true enterprise agility.
• Replace: A framework to replace existing legacy applications with standard Enterprise Applications and Industry Standard Applications.
• Retire: Decommission legacy applications from the applications portfolio.
We do these allow clients to focus on their core business functions.

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