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Airport Modernization
We maintain or modernize airport systems to offer open systems where information can be accessed and shared across a multitude of disparate hardware systems, operating systems and networks.

XEQ Technology specializes in managing interface design, engineering, support and maintenance of baggage handling systems and material handling systems including powered conveyors. XEQ Technology has industry experts in controls engineering, software engineering, and networking of real-time control and data acquisition systems.

Our experience involves analysis of system operations and recommendations on system improvements, mechanical, electrical, and software system design, real-time simulation analyses, mechanical, electrical controls, and software design, upgrades, new installations, and support for customers.

Ten years of experience managing Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) design, validation, integration and extensive experience in business management, project management, system engineering and baggage operation roles.
Knowledge of advanced testing methodologies of material handling control systems to produce fault-free systems.

Individually the principals of the company have managed, designed, developed, installed, and supported airports ground systems at Los Angeles, Dallas- Ft. Worth, JFK – New York, LaGuardia –New York, Miami, San Juan, Raleigh Durham, Boston, and St Louis.

Our controls experience spans the Allen Bradley PLC line including but not limited to PLC5, SLC, and ControlLogixs, We have designed, trouble-shooted, and supported DH+, DeviceNET, ControlNET, Ethernet, and other network systems.

We have experience with the leading scanner array systems used in baggage systems including both Accusort and AutoIdent SICK multi-head scanners.

We have experience providing Local Area Network (LAN) Integration to link resources, people, equipment, facilities and information within the airport and where necessary on the web.

Our Modernization Strategies:
XEQ’s modernization strategies are elective strategies that can be applied to individual system or groups of systems in the portfolio based on the strategic value of the system.
The Modernization Roadmap defines what strategy gets applied to what systems.
Re-learn is imbedded in almost all modernization activity to get a detailed understanding of system characteristics and to reduce the migration risk of subsequent modernization activities.
Re-factor is a service that analyzes system structure and performance with the goal of improving the maintainability and performance of the system.
Re-host migrates systems to lower cost platforms without changing the system base, features, functions, look or feel of the system.
Re-interface establishes new web based service oriented interfaces to existing or rehosted systems.
Re-architect reverse engineers systems to their baseline requirements then forward engineers those systems to new languages and new architectures based on modern open standards.
Replace implements enterprise packages or develops custom systems to replace existing legacy systems.
Retire decommissions systems from service.